There is a new cloud server running on the Beedham site servers

You can get 10gb free online cloud storage. if more is required, email help@beedham.org

To register with Beedham cloud, click here.

When you wish to access Beedham cloud please go to cloud.beedham.org

sorry, the beedham mcpe server is not live

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IP: play.beedham.org

Port: 19132 (default)

Our weekly wildlife picture!

Here is our weekly Beedham wildlife picture. This week's weekly wildlife picture is a great, take a look.

For previous weekly wildlife pictures Click Here


You have reached the entrance to Beedham Cloud
The server built by Oliver and Harry 
You have also reached the Beedham website

A view of one of our many server rooms above

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You will be able to customer support with us at certain times of day! If we are not available for customer support, we will get an email with your message and we will try to reply as soon as possible

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